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of Siem Reap

Mount your bike and go for a journey between rice fields, pagodas, schools and villages. Take as many breaks as you need to interact with farmers, kids or monk and take a proper look on selfless and authentic Cambodian peoples.
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Our eco-trip

Go off to explore the rural life

Prasat Bakong, a breath of fresh air

Prasat Bakong is one of twelve districts in Siem Reap Province, composed of several communes like Meanchey, Trapeang Thom, Kantreangk and Bakong. For the lovers of flowers and fauna, the origin of the word Bakong means in khmer, « Crinum asiaticum”, a flowering plant whites.

Samraong Yea, a summary of cambodia’s countryside

Samraong Yea is one of the communes of Puok district. Explore where no one have been yet and leave your mark on an untouched land. Learn more about Cambodian people while visiting and try to develop some skills while working with farmers.

Their testimonials

Come as guests, leave as friends!

« What a nice way to visit Cambodia and meet the farmers of the countryside! We were welcomed warmly by local farmers. It was an amazing and a really interesting immersion. Such a great time with you guys. Thanks a lot CTC! » Léna

from France

« I didn’t want my stay in Siem Reap to be constrained by a tour itinerary and Veasna my tour guide was kind enough to oblige. Would recommend CTC to people who want to see more than just the touristy side of Siem Reap! » Carmelo

from Australia

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