Prasat Bakong

A breath of fresh air

Do you need a break from all the agitation in town ? Tired of crowded and noisy places ? Then Bakong and Mean Chey’s trip is for you.

Enjoy a full day with local farmers from the community and learn how to rest Cambodian style. Go visit the landscape in horse-car through garden, lake and local school. Appreciate traditionnal lunch in the shade of farmer’s garden and spend a peaceful afternoon while playing, exploring and learning gardening skills directly from local farmers. Finally enjoy a homestay night in the farm with the family and discover more about cambodian peoples and about yourself.

To know more about Prasat Bakong

In Bakong, there is a total population of 7 459 persons and 1 615 families.

The agriculture represents 97% of village occupations and the largest majority of the villagers are farmers. In fact, more than 1380 families work in rice fields.

In order to give you an idea, the total dry rice production in 2010was over 2 000 tons. If it is hard to imagine, this is equivalent to 500 kg of rice per person. The average rice price is around 925 riels/kg (0.23$/kg). In the surrounding area, you will be able to see a lot of local bulls resting in water lily fields.

*All the statistics and result are according to the CDB Online in the year 2010

Your activities in Bakong

Local farming fun

Visit school

Bird watching

Resting homestay

What is unique in Bakong

Bakong temple is one of the most famous temple in the Angkor complex, with its huge heads burnt in the stone. But more than this temple, Bakong is a little commune where khmer people children like adults, monks, fauna and flora live in harmony in a relaxed atmosphere.

A big flora

In Prasat Bakong, you will see a lot of animals like dogs and cows but also a lot of flowers and fields of water lilies.

Smiling and chatting people

In Prasat Bakong, you will see a lot of children who wants to speak english with you by saying « Hello, how are you? »

A lot of schools

The education is very present in Prasat Bakong, through around five including primary and high school.

Interested by an eco-tour in Prasat Bakong?