The itineraries can be adapted to suit any requirements, whether you are an individual, a large or small group of travellers, on a corporate day out, or on a school trip. Our team is always happy to discuss this with you.

If you need an english guide please let us know in the comments area of the contact form.


A contribution to the community

Number of participants12345+
Transport per person±$8±$4±$2±$2±$2
Accomodation and food per person$18$17$16$15$14
Total tour price per person$46$41$37$34$30
Gain for the farmers$18$34$48$60$70
Profit margin for CTO$20$38$54$68$70

Price per person includes:

  • Transportation from Siem Reap to the commune (round-trip)
  • Three traditional meals (lunch, dinner and breakfast) with the family
  • Free access to drinking water
  • Bicycle for the day
  • Homestay for the night in a beautiful and restful place
  • Activities (cooking, farming/gardening/crafting)**

**The activities will depend of the the tour you choose and the family that will welcome you. For any further information, please contact us.

By boarding with Community Tours Cambodia, you will contribute to the community by:

  • Directly supporting the village economy (homestays, meals, guide, gardening and handicraft)
  • Providing funds to CTO‘s program.

Practical informations

Good tips that we recomand you to apply

Be your own guide

As the guide is optional, CTO provide you a map of the area you’re visiting. Road marking and signs are also present in the area so you can access easily to the most significant places.

Just ask !

Almost 50% of the population is less than 17 years old. If you’re interested to visit a school just ask the permission to the teacher, you might even be invited inside a classroom.
Monks in pagodas don’t practice vow of silence. Most of them will be happy to help you visit the pagoda if they’re available. It’s a good occasion to learn the specificities of a local pagoda.

Don't be shy

Don’t hesitate to interact with people. Villagers and monks are often glad to help you during your journey. Some of them speak english and they can tell you a lot about the history and the daily life in here.
Monks in pagodas don’t practice vow of silence. Most of them will be happy to help you visit the pagoda if they’re available. It’s a good occasion to learn the specificities of a local pagoda.

Stay alert and create your own path

Go off the beaten track ! Siem Reap’s countryside is a really safe area, it will reveal its best secrets to the most adventurous.

Other recommandations
Be careful under the sun Cambodia is a very hot and humid country, stay hydrated and try to relax during the afternoon. Also, bring with you a sun cream with a high SPF, a hat and sunglasses. Dress you in the respect and comfort Dress you respectfully by wearing a tee-shirt and pants or skirt that below your knees, especially in temples and pagodas. If you have a tank top, bring with you a scarf to cover your shoulders. As you will walk and cycle, wearing comfortables shoes will be the best choice. Behave with people and animals, you’re guests, not almighty. Respect the rules and cambodian culture. Animals and cambodian people are living together. You will run into dogs and cats but please do not feed them. Otherwise, avoid them because sometimes they are carrying diseases and illness. Moreover, it is necessary to carry vaccinations details with you. Also, bring with you antibacterial gel if you couldn’t resist to cuddle cats or dogs. Take with you a little local currency or small change To buy some food or souvenirs on the road, it’s better to have small change on you. As you know, there are two ways to pay in Cambodia: Dollars USD and Riels KHR (1 USD = 4,000 KHR, so, 2,000 KHR = 50 cents USD) Respect the natural environment Please, bring a bag with you to put in all your waste and then, leave the bag in a place must be provided for this purpose. The surroundings are crowned of flowers and trees. Please do not rip flowers of leaf. In addition, it is forbidden to bring out floral species of Cambodia and in selected countries because of virus and illness that could be dispersed and destroyed others species. If you get lost don’t hesitate to call us, we will get back at you in no time Here our contact informations: Mr Yinh Ya – 063 5068777 or 012 707 474
Insurance, terms and conditions
To our visitors: Visitors should possess a minimum physical fitness to fully enjoy the proposed itineraries. CTO organizes tours following adapted safety regulations for its Visitors. During the round trip and for the homestays CTO works with the community to ensure that the services provided to the Visitors achieve the highest possible level of safety and quality. However, CTO is not responsible for possible loss, damage and injuries in the course of the full tour. Visitors are required to have full travel insurance. It is the responsibility of the Visitor to read their insurance policy before travel and ensure that the insurance scheme provides the Visitor with the required level of cover. However, CTO is happy to offer full support in case of any problem or emergencies. We lend you a phone with credit so you can call us any time (063 5068777 or 012 707 474).